Monday, February 18, 2013

Meeting the Kuantan Municipal Council

On Sunday we traveled as a team by bus to Kuantan, the city we'll be working in for the next month. IMG_4493
We are very lucky to have projects involving the Kuantan Municipal Council, who governs the city, which is the capital of the state of Pahang. I think they were equally excited as we are to have us working with them on these projects! First they took us on a complementary river tour of the Kuantan River, I have to share a selection of the photos:
IMG_4510 IMG_4504 IMG_4508
IMG_4529 IMG_4523 IMG_4538
IMG_4535 IMG_0642 IMG_4524
Later that evening they hosted a dinner for our team as well as some representatives from the University Malaysia Pahang, where six of the team will work projects. During dinner they put on an amazing show for us. Which even include the leader of the council, YH. DATO' HAJI ZULKIFLI BIN HAJI YAACOB, DSAP., DIMP., AAP., AMP, singing!
IMG_0657 IMG_0648 IMG_0659

I really felt like the event was an honor to be a part of, let alone that they threw it for us. The Kuantan Municipal Council Dancers performed a number of traditional dances representing all the various intermingled Malaysian cultures. Here is the finale dance for your viewing pleasure:
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