Monday, February 25, 2013

Malay Wedding!

An all day traditional Malay wedding yesterday (February 24, 2013). It was actually the second part, or grooms party as I understand it. Definitely an event to remember. We did a little bit of helping out in setup and cooking, not much really; and were then treated as honored guests during the production, sitting under the tent with the bride, groom, and his family (which we were glad about because it was outright down pouring).

After the ceremony, where we participated in the hand ceremony any ceremonious rice throwing, as is their tradition we were to wash the dishes. Since it was raining so much we instead helped with cleaning the giant kettles that had been used for cooking. Hope you like seeing me in my Indian style Batik shirt. One of the locals came up and told me I look very nice, "like a Punjabi" to which I replied, "is that ok dress for the wedding?", which they re-assured me was fine.

Today (February 25, 2013) was another great day of work. We started out with  refining our schedule and workshop plans, then of course "breakfast" which is at 9AM (they still eat at home before coming to work as well). As our contact says, "Malaysians die young because we like to eat so much!" Somehow we had yet another new type of Nasi (rice) to try today, only maybe 700 or so more to sample!
Nasi Kerabu Ayam & beef

After that we were able to crank out a survey for international consumption, completion; which will help us form inputs for the marketing strategy. My colleague Jayme is a master planner when it comes to outlines and PowerPoint. She's already created starting frameworks for our final presentation and was digging into our plans for our Marketing workshop we will be leading for about 18 people.

Then tonight was an amazing Fish place that our local IBM contact and a member of the Rotary club shuttled us too. All fresh you pick your fish and how you want it cooked. Then they bring it to your table a bit later and the feast is of epic proportions. When it was all over we each only owed ~$13 USD. . .

IMG_0790 IMG_0792 IMG_0795

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