Thursday, January 24, 2013

Corporate Service Corps

Mid may last year I was reminded of one of the more interesting things that the company I work for does. They call it the Corporate Service Corps. It is one of IBM's vast Social Responsibility initiatives. The program has been up and running for at least three years that I know about. I've thought a lot about service and the world in general. I'd also be misleading if I didn't tell you that I thought it would be a great way to get some International work experience.  So with my managers approval I spent a few evenings crafting my application responses, and finally applied. My manager also spent some quality time submitting her portion of my application. Even so, I was still quite surprised when I was notified June 26,2012 that I had been accepted to the program!

It wasn't until a month later that I learned I'd been assigned to a team of 12 who'd be deployed to Kuantan, Malaysia

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I'm excited and nervous. It will be an adventure like none I've undertaken before. #ibmcsc Malaysia

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